Day of Innovation 2017 Lineup

3 Keynotes | 23 Breakout Speakers

Breakout Speakers: SET (7 Breakout Sessions)

Our Set sessions are all about how to innovate. Learn how to design your own innovation workshops, rapidly prototype your next product, leverage open innovation and much more.
How to Rapidly Prototype
Your Product
Pharmacy 205
Yaw Aning
Co-Founder & CEO

Using methodologies created by Google Ventures and IDEO, you will learn how design a prototype so you can test your idea quickly with customers without significant investment.

Innovation Workshop
in a Box
Pharmacy 212
Natalie Schneider
VP Consumer Experience

Innovation isn’t simple. Coming up with new ideas when you’ve already been doing something for a long time can feel daunting. That’s why the innovation workshop is a powerful tool to help you get out of the stale modes of thought that can start to dull even the sharpest minds over time. Learn how to run an effective innovation workshop with your team. How far in advance should you plan your workshop? What resources will you need? From helpful templates, to budgets, to locations, energizers and people, this session will prepare you to lead the charge at your organization.

Enterprise Innovation
Pharmacy 205
Ryan Larcom
Director of Operations
High Alpha

Sprint into a process that you could broadly apply to a problem your company is trying to solve, along with frameworks for each step to guide thinking.

Mindsets for
Pharmacy 212
Lydia Lodovisi
Lead UX Designer

The process of innovation can involve many steps, but the first and hardest one is getting in the right mindset to be open and create space for creative and new ideas. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to cultivate a mindset of innovation and practice using it in a collaborative activity.

How to Become
Your Customer
Halcomb 235
Michael Miserendino

It is not uncommon to become so caught up in making or selling a product or service, that you forget how it is used. You need to take the perspective of the person who is the consumer. When you do, it can provide valuable insights to inform product improvements, solve problems, and even creating more effective marketing. Learn about techniques that move you from thinking like a product pusher to becoming a product user. Try something from the perspective of a novice, learn how to collect information, and share what you learned from the experience.

Creating an
Entrepreneurial Mindset
Pharmacy 212
Edward McGruder
Chief Medical Officer

For an increasing number of established companies, creating new businesses and programs within the company is an imperative for success. Learn the successes and challenges of creating an entrepreneurial mindset in a large R&D organization.

Leveraging Open
Pharmacy 205
Stephanie Fernhaber

Using an open innovation platform, communityINNOVATE leverages the power of the greater Indianapolis community and the human-centered design process to co-create innovative and sustainable solutions to local social issues. Learn how to apply a similar process to your own business or organization.