Day of Innovation 2017 Lineup

3 Keynotes | 23 Breakout Speakers

Breakout Speakers: READY (7 Breakout Sessions)

From observation methods, to the power of place, to trend-watching, our Ready sessions are all about the “fuzzy front end” of and how to prepare your team to innovate.
Observation as
a Super Power
Holcomb Room 231
Sara McGuyer
Yes & Yonder

Understanding audiences is an important first step in most innovation processes. But what happens when people don’t reliably recall information or know what is important to share in interviews or surveys in the first place? According to lore, on his Model T, Ford said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” As you seek innovation, adding observation to your research toolkit can help you uncover new insights, unmet needs, and opportunities. In this session, expect to learn basic observation methods and frameworks to capture rich detail and a broad picture of the habits and needs of those you serve. You’ll leave with templates to practice observation on your own.

I Heard What You Said!
How To Really Listen 
Holcomb Room 235
Suzi Shapiro
Principal User Experience

You may think you are listening to the voice of your customer, but are you really hearing what they have to say? A survey may tell you how many people say the same thing about your product or company, but it won’t tell you why they love you, or hate you, or just don’t care. For that you need different ways to collect information. A great tool is the interview. An interview is not just a conversation. Conversations often involve more thinking about what you will say next, rather than listening well. This session will help you learn about and practice interviews instead of conversations.

The Power
of Place
Holcomb Room 233
Cara Weber
DELV Design

Throughout any given day, our brain is receiving constant input from our physical environment. That input  can either promote and propel or interfere and distract your organization’s highest value:  the quality of thoughts, feelings, and behavior of your people. As we  desire to build and foster innovative cultures, what type of physical environment is most conducive? In this session, you’ll learn about the influence your surroundings have on you and how to unlock the potential of your own space to spur innovation.

Building Your Vision
of the Future
Holcomb Room 231
Matthew Kelly
Partner & Business Designer

As your team gets ready to embark on a journey, it is important to align on the impact you hope to have, foresee obstacles that may arise, and draw some detail on your big idea.  In this hands-on session we will introduce you to visual design tools that can help you understand your purpose and goals.

For Courageous Minds Only
Holcomb Room 233
Erin Faulk
Innovation & Growth Strategist
The Garage Group
Renee Murphy
Research Consultant
The Garage Group

Through cross-category trends and analogs, real-time consumer feedback and expert input, learn about multiple lenses your team can use to examine their challenges in a different light.

Leveraging Design to Push Boundaries and Drive Innovation
Holcomb Room 231
Charles Smith
Timothy Swanson
Office Practice Leader

The clear edges that once defined how, where, and when people learned, worked and enjoyed free time have eroded thanks to generational shifts and dynamic changes in technology and culture. This erosion creates exciting opportunities for institutions and businesses alike to rethink how they intersect to empower people, accelerate discovery, and develop novel ideas and products. This presentation offers design as a catalyst to drive success in this new continuum and highlights projects from multiple sectors leading the charge. Through interactive activities, the presentation will creatively push attendees to take new perspectives, appreciate new realities, and understand how design can empower bold new futures.

Finding Clear Direction
at the Fuzzy Front End
Holcomb Room 233
Dr. Thomas Foust
Founder & President
SDG International

Innovate with confidence. Learn best practices and research methodologies that result in breakthrough products for crowded or commodity markets.